Multifamily Projects – Closet Depth for Type B Units

Multifamily projects such as apartments and condos typically fall under IBC Group R-2 and are required to have a specific number of Type A and Type B units per IBC 2012 1107.6.2.  Type A units have a higher level of accessibility than Type B units.  The requirements for Type A units are identified in ANSI 117.1.  The requirements for Type B units are identified in ANSI 117.1 and the Federal Fair Housing Act (FFHA) usually applies to these units as well.

According to the FFHA, in a Type B unit, if a closet is over 24” deep then a 32” clear opening must be provided unless there is shelving in the closet.  If you choose to provide a closet that is 24” deep with shelving instead of the 32” clear opening, then the shelving must be accessible for a side reach.  However, for most non-handicap tenants a shelf that is 24” deep or more will be less useful than an open closet.  One solution is to provide a shelf that is side reach accessible and removable to comply with the FFHA and then non-handicap tenants can easily remove the shelf.


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