Notice of Intent (NOI) vs. Grading Permit (GP) – Jefferson County, CO

We’ve been fortunate to work on a handful of Notice of Intent (NOI) and Grading Permit (GP) applications in Jefferson County recently. These are two of the most common applications for residential projects.

Generally (speaking from the civil engineering side of things) an NOI includes a set of plans for a single family home showing the driveway design (including plan/profile, cross sections), site grading (for the driveway and home), erosion control, and some drainage information.

A GP (for a single family home) is a more detailed version of an NOI. Typically, all of the same plans that would be included within the NOI are included in the GP Plan Set, PLUS, more detailed drainage analysis, the access drive/driveway is typically much long and more difficult to design, large amounts of earth moving/grading are required, etc.

This is Jefferson County’s description (as shown on their NOI application form):

Send us an email or call with any questions. We’d be happy to meet on-site (for free), give you a proposal, or even help you decide which process will be required for your project.


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