Open House Plan for a Small 20′ Wide House

One of my favorite repeat clients called a few days ago and needed a plan for a small house to go on a 25′ wide lot in Denver. The house itself could not be more than 20′ wide. The client wanted a plan that would fit and would have 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, all on the main level.

We’ve done some other small affordable rental house designs for him in the past so I wanted to give him a plan that showed the minimum and keep it in a ranch house without a basement. I drew this quick sketch to show that you don’t have to put the bedrooms side by side in a 2 bedroom.I also wanted to give access to the backyard that would be more than 30″ wide.

As it turns out, the lot is actually wider than the 25′ so we have even more options for the actual plan.


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