Planning for Housing and Community Development

by evstudio on July 12, 2019


This post comes from Stephanie O’Hara, Planner Analyst for EVstudio. Immediately prior to joining EVstudio she worked for Jefferson County, Colorado for 6 years in various planning roles. EVstudio looks for planning opportunities in both the public and private sector:

While working at Jefferson County I developed the 2005-2010 Consolidated Plan which is a strategy for housing and community and economic development. The plan outlines goals, objectives and policies based on the housing and community needs for low to moderate income, homeless and special needs populations.

The plan was developed over 2 years with extensive community and stakeholder involvement. A technical steering committee was formed consisting of non-profit organizations that serve the target populations, representatives from participating jurisdictions and governmental/quasi-governmental entities involved in housing, and community and economic development.

The public was involved throughout the process. Numerous community meetings and events were conducted as well as a 30 day comment period when the final draft was completed.


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