Please Hire a Professional…

When I was little there was a game section along with the Sunday comics. One of those games was to compare two pictures to see what was wrong in the second. The photo below is a lot like that only you need to know what you are looking at in order to know what is wrong. If you can’t find a couple things wrong in this photo, then you should hire a professional to help out with projects around the house.

How many mistakes can you see?

The one item I am going to point out is the use of an extension cord for in-wall wiring.  That’s because I was called out to the property after an electrical fire. Please post comments below with the items you find.

This home was an electrical nightmare. In addition to the extension cord wiring there was also speaker wire providing power to a lamp. I know you are asking if the home was inspected prior to purchase. The answer is that it was inspected. That brings up a point that, while an outlet may look fine, it can be beneficial to look up the property to see if any permits have been pulled. Particularly if the house is extremely old, this was built in ’42 when wearing onions on the belt was the fashion, and shows signs of remodeling. Also ask the seller point blank what work has been done to the house.

In short, it never hurts to do a little extra due diligence particularly on older homes and extremely cheap homes.


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