Evergreen Elevated Trail

Structural Engineering Park and Rec EPRD Trail

EVstudio had the pleasure of designing the foundation for an elevated pedestrian pathway in Evergreen that links the Downtown business zone with Evergreen Lake and the miles of trails that branch out from this network. Part of the design by EVstudio was eight steel H-piles, two concrete pier caps, and railings. EVstudio also coordinated with Rocky Mountain Prestress for the design of the precast bridge components as well. RMP set all of the precast pieces in two nights, and the trail was erected in a very short time. This was a fun project for us to work on as we were able to work with several different agencies and professionals to put together a great community project. EVstudio worked in partnership with CDOT,  City of Denver, the Evergreen Metro District, and the Evergreen Park and Recreation District. Along with design and permitting, EVstudio hosted numerous community meetings to align the community and multiple agencies involved.

Client: Evergreen Park and Recreation District

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