Proposal for Not Rezoning Large Properties in Denver Zoning Code Update

I received an update on a proposal that the City of Denver is working through to not rezone large properties in the Denver Zoning Code:

It is a new proposal to identify certain properties that do not currently have waivers and conditions that will also be excluded from the zoning code update.  The criteria is as follows:  100 acres or more with no more than 5 parcels, vacant, no GDP in place to define infrastructure or property limits or urban design or land use.  Based on the City’s analysis, two sites fit into this category:  State land board site at 48th/Tower Road and Stapleton north of 58th.  When these properties are ready to sell/re-zone a GDP planning process will take place and they will be zoned at that time.  Additionally, property that is zoned R-X will not be included in the zoning code update.  A few sites meet this criteria, including property at Yosemite and Union as well as University and Yale.  All R-X zoned property in Denver has already been developed.  The reason to allow these sites to retain their current zoning is that the R-X zone district requires a site plan to establish standards; each site has its own set of standards and requires council approval.


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