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As a new comer to Denver, I thought that I would join the young Denver work force and bike to work.  During a sunny  warm day in July, I was riding my bike that I used for my commute to meet my wife at lunch time to look at a new apartment.  It was one of those days when I had a lot on my plate and had to make a decision, should I keep my meeting at the future apartment, or postpone it because of how busy my day has been and is.

In my infinite wisdom, I decided that I was going to be “Superman”.  My wife was only in for the weekend for a visit and I was not going to cancel this meeting… as I “Can Do it All”.  I jumped on my bike and headed to the apartment complex in LoDo.  Denver is known for its bike friendly drivers, but its pot-holed streets are not so friendly.  Going full speed, my front wheel caught a construction joint and pothole and at around 17 miles an hour, I planted all my weight and momentum into two square inches of my shoulder straight into the concrete road.  In the end… broken collarbone, broken rib, punctured lung.  I guess my hubris got the best of me.  Bonehead!

It has now been several months, and I have been lifting weights and healing well.  Now that it is winter, I have foregone the bicycle and have recently tried Uber and the Denver Bus System – RTD.


My experience on Uber was great.  A driver picked me up at my apartment and dropped me off downtown from a very clean and secure SUV.

Foregoing the bike here in the winter, I have been taking the number 10 bus into downtown from Cheesman Park area.  I walk two blocks to the bus stop, and the stop at Grant and 12th drops me off five blocks from the office.

A five block walk in the brisk cool winter Denver air… is a great way to start the work day.

For more information on the RTD in Denver see:


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