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Are you trying to sell your home and the inspector found a few ‘concerns’?  Or maybe, you’ve been wondering about those cracks in the foundation wall and what you should do about it?  EVstudio can help you determine the best course of action.  Our experienced team can identify any situation and provide you realistic options to correct the structural deficiency, if needed.

The fact is concrete is going to crack.  It is typically due to shrinkage during the curing process or from the expected design loads.  Residential foundations typically have just enough reinforcement to support the design loads and soil pressure, not to prevent minor cracks.

Another issue lately has been elevated structural floors that have buckled from lateral pressure or have been damaged by moisture.  With the addition of vapor barriers below the structural floor, moisture is hindered from entering the crawlspace and stays in the soil.  That has improved the crawlspace condition but appears to cause other issues.  One issue is when the vapor barrier is wrapped around the steel column.  Water condenses on the steel column and damage from rust occurs.  I’ve been finding more and more columns that need replacing.  To prevent any structural components from being damaged by moisture, the vapor barrier should always be below any structural components.

forensic-vapor barrier at steel column

EVstudio worked with QCI Structural Solutions to repair this home and other residential and commercial projects.  They are a great team to work with and has done an excellent job.

Replaced Damaged Steel Column by QCI Structural Solutions
Replaced Damaged Steel Column by QCI Structural Solutions

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