Repair of Badly Damaged Joist and Sill Plate Due to Water Moisture

The repairs are complete at a residence in Greeley where water moisture was so severe along the entire north face of the house the joists and sill plate had crushed like cardboard.  EVstudio’s Structural Department worked with Complete Basement Systems to provide a high quality repair to the damaged framing while making improvements to the crawlspace to prevent damage from moisture in the future.

A light gauge steel ledger was the best solution to provide additional bearing area while the sill plate was replaced.  Due to the length of the foundation wall the use of a light weight material was ideal to reduce costs for the homeowner and help speed up installation using powder actuated pins.


The house was also lifted roughly 1 1/2″ to 3″ along the north face to bring the floor back to the original elevation.  You can see in the Before picture that the bottom of floor joist is at the top of foundation, there was a 1 1/2″ thick sill plate there.   Many doors and cabinets are now operating that were otherwise sticking or stuck.  Luckily another problem was resolved when the floor was leveled.  The homeowner was unaware of a water leak at the water heater that was not properly draining into the provided emergency pan.  Due to the unlevel floor the water was draining towards the north wall and over the pan edge.  Once the floor was leveled, the water started draining correctly and the water leak was discovered.  This saved the homeowner a lot of problems.

I was very happy with the work completed by Complete Basement Systems.


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