Responsible Building through Build Responsible

We had an excellent meeting today with Erik Listou, founder of Build Responsible, a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide education and awareness of green, energy sustainability, and handicap accessibility and to help people make responsible building decisions in all of their construction projects.

Erik is a regular contributor of helpful articles to Colorado Serenity magazine as well as hosting a live talk radio show on KHOW am 630 every Sunday from noon to 1:00pm MST. Erik is also working on a television series that will further promote responsible building concepts.

Erik’s vision is very much in alignment with ours here at EVstudio and we hope to be able to provide topics and information to his organization that will help to build awareness of sustainable design practice and accessibility concepts in the greater community. It’s great to have collaborators locally to work within this way and we are excited to see Build Responsible grow into a valuable resource for everyone whether they are thinking about a small remodel project or a new construction project.


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