Sean O’Hara and EVstudio Mentioned in the Denver Business Journal


There was an article today in the Denver Business Journal about architecture firms and how they are working in the current economy. I had spoken with Paula Moore about this a couple weeks ago and she used a bit of what I said in the article. To clarify, we have done a number of educational projects as well as affordable housing and we are actively working to expand those markets.

As you might expect what was included in the article is only a very small snapshot of EVstudio. I had sent her an email after our conversation and I’d like to share part of it since it didn’t become part of the article:

“Basically what EVstudio is doing to stay one step ahead is looking at where we can be creative with our approaches to teaming and varied project types along with strengthening our existing relationships.

Our partnering with Gene Dane in Texas (157 Architecture) gives us access to a different market and different project types. Primarily that work has been retail and mixed use work and we are looking at expanding into military contracts. We have purposefully built a broad base of experience in multiple project types to help us steer through these situations. EVstudio is also willing to take on the remodel and rehab work where other firms aren’t willing.

We are also flexible in our approach where we can work with owners to fit their model. Most of EVstudio’s projects are normal where we work for the owner but we are also involved where we work for the contractor or we might work under the institutional client’s in house architect. We can produce very basic builder plans or fully developed sets depending on the situation. This is a major difference from firms that are committed to only one form of project delivery.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention our existing base of clients and our great referral network. Many of the new projects that we’ve recently signed up are from a loyal base that sees that we are holding steady through the slow down. You can’t say enough thanks for our clients who are repeat and the client’s who make referrals.”

EVstudio is continuing to do well, even where other firms are making cuts, and it is due to our great clients. Please remember that EVstudio does commercial and residential, new construction and remodels, big projects and small projects, in state and out of state and we always appreciate any referrals for projects even if someone is just looking for advice.


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