Silver Rock Manor is Out of the Ground!


I attended a meeting with the framer and the truss designers at the site of the Silver Rock Manor today in preparation for truss delivery in three phases over the next two weeks. I took a few pictures of the framing progress. The view is fantastic!


While at the site, I was able to look at the progress and answer a few questions for the framer including one about a connection between an LVL beam and a steel I-beam involving a different hanger than originally anticipated. Everyone who has ever been involved in a construction project knows that sometimes things change in the field and this was one of those situations. Fortunately, I was able to take care of it right then and there rather than having to take the time to go back to the office, look up the necessary calculations and product information for the hanger and then call the framer back later. I called Jim Houlette, our in-house P.E., while standing at the site with the framing contractor to find out if the hanger that was being used was adequately sized. It turned out that the hanger being used was fine and no further work was required to correct the issue. The framer was happy and the project continued forward “full steam ahead”.


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