Site Study Renderings

For this site study, our client asked to have renderings of different design scenarios that he could use to show members of the community.  These renderings would have to show the neighbors living around the site what the development would look like completed. This would help them to visualize what design option would be the best fit for the site. The client really wanted to push for the one house, old church and new memory care center design. I created three renderings based on this design option so he could use them in a community meeting.

Design Option 1 : 1 house, old church and new memory care center

Design Option 2  : 4 houses and old church

Design Option 3 : New church

view study 1

This rendering is one of the neighbor’s view, looking northwest onto the site (Design Option 1)

view study 2

This rendering is another neighbor’s view, looking northeast on the site (Design Option 1)

This rendering is the neighbor’s view on the other side of the site, looking south (Design Option 1)

view study 3


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