Small Project Structural Engineering

At EVstudio we get a lot of phone calls from home owners in need of a structural engineer. More often than not, one of the first things they say is, “EVstudio is certainly a structural engineering powerhouse. Is my project too small for you to consider?” Naturally, I am paraphrasing, but EVstudio is here to help the homeowner with their structural concerns. The structural engineers at EVstudio have such diversified backgrounds that it is not a problem to switch from the design of a large church campus lecture hall in Texas one week to the design of a structural repair for a timber framed barbecue grill cover (pictured above) the next.

So if you are in need of structural design services for your new deck, home addition or remodel, foundation cracking, or even if a car drove through your living room last night! Do yourself a favor and give EVstudio a call.


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