Sometimes Architects Still Sketch

In an age when computers have taken over our lives I still like to do things by hand. Particularly in the early stages. Computers are great, don’t get me wrong, but a huge benefit in working more closely with your hands is that the ideas can come fast and furious. By sketching I can put down a half dozen concepts in a fraction of the time. I then pick one to develop further or to put to a real scale.

The first image below is just a conceptual floor plan that primarily explores adjacencies. The other (unrelated) sketches are some more refined ideas for the remodel of a mansion home here in Denver.

You’ll see a progression of ideas in the upper level of the mansion and then the main level. On the main level we worked with a number of concepts which focused on remodeling and rearranging the rooms. In the end we chose to keep all of the great architectural wall treatments, fireplace hearths and other items that really give the home character and craft an addition and expansion to the kitchen. The kitchen had already been remodeled in the past. On top of not suiting modern lifestyle it is simply out of date from a design perspective.

This remodel will be a great fit with a family that wants to live in a 100 year old home yet still have modern convenience and accommodations.

house diagramBedroom Level Alternate


Bedroom Level MergedBedroom Level Alternate 02Main Level with addition



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