Restaurants, Bars, Bakeries and Occupant Loads

by Sean O'Hara, AIA, LEED AP November 30, 2018

When you are designing restaurants, bars, bakeries and other food service businesses the number of occupants is a fairly important factor. Occupant loading is not determined by the actual number of people, but rather by the number of square feet in your space. You’ll have […]

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Maggie & Molly's Bakery Open for Business

by evstudio June 8, 2010

Maggie and Molly’s Bakery is open for business.  EVstudio completed the plans for the 500 square foot space which opened in May.  While the space if very compact, the layout works well and there was no shortage of customers during my five minute visit. The space […]

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New Layout for Small Denver Bakery

by evstudio January 27, 2010

We recently designed a new layout for a small Denver bakery. It is one of the smallest food service projects that EVstudio has designed.  The space is 510 square feet squeezed into a compact 15’ x 34’ rectangle.  While there was no wall re-configuration, the […]

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