Maggie & Molly’s Bakery Open for Business

Maggie and Molly’s Bakery is open for business.  EVstudio completed the plans for the 500 square foot space which opened in May.  While the space if very compact, the layout works well and there was no shortage of customers during my five minute visit.

The space is squeezed into a compact 15’ x 34’ rectangle.  While there was no wall re-configuration, the challenge was to come up with the best solution for equipment layout while complying with code.

The client provided us a list of existing equipment they intended on keeping in the new space as well as new equipment they were going to purchase.  We came up with a simple yet very practical layout while adding only one wall for a new hand sink in the kitchen area.

Maggie and Molly’s is located on 6th Avenue and Fillmore near Cherry Creek.


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