Historic Preservation is the Conservation of our Cultural Heritage

by evstudio July 27, 2018

The practice of Historic Preservation is the conservation of our cultural heritage. Historic buildings, even when they’ve fallen to misuse and disrepair, are often important landmarks in the landscapes of our communities. In addition, many historic buildings are important chronicles of the activities and ways […]

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Recycling Water

by Michael Banks March 29, 2018

Out for a summer bike ride with my son one day, we found ourselves at the top of a winding downhill path through a park lined by green grass being gently misted by the park’s sprinkler system. As we started down the hill, memories of […]

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LEED Certified Core & Shell in Texas – Regional Priority

by EVstudio AEP August 3, 2010

The Highpointe Building 2 Project in Killeen, Texas is pursuing LEED Certification under the LEED for Core and Shell 2009 Rating System with the help of the EVstudio team.  This is the first certification project that EVstudio has been involved in under the new 2009 […]

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