Taking Architecture to the Limits

Architecture in today’s world is becoming more unique and diversified. It is a form of expression and impressively a way to showcase each architect’s true talents. In some instances it is a true art form that gets to be experienced by many, each in different ways.  The beautiful aspect of being an architect is making that impression upon people, creating emotions that get to be experienced  for years to come. When someone first walks into one of these majestic pieces of art, they are immediately captivated by what they see. From the use of natural light to the precise materials and how they complement each other. Each element of architecture is carefully thought out, it has purpose and nothing is random.

Using the natural landscape to drive a design is truly impressive and innovative. The “Casa Brutale” by OPA (Open Platform for Architecture) is a conceptual design that beautifully represents this idea of living within the environment. Architecture today is becoming more daring and experimental and seems to be making a big impact on the way we experience and interact with it. For more information about this project please visit  http://www.designboom.com/architecture/opa-casa-brutale-conceptual-residence-aegean-sea-greece-07-02-2015/ as well as this direct link to OPA’s website http://opaworks.com/portfolio/casa-brutale/

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