The Clubhouse at Fairway Villas for Oakwood Homes

5223 Espana St Denver CO 80249-large-031-Patio-1500x1000-72dpi

In the clubhouse, there is an exercise room, multi-purpose rooms for the many clubs and planned activities, kitchen/bar, dining area, grand room for gatherings or just relaxing, an outdoor kitchen and dining terrace, spa, indoor and outdoor pools, patio and an event lawn overlooking the golf course’s pond.

We were honored to help Oakwood Homes with this project but it was not without its unique challenges.

Designing and Building an indoor pool is no small task. Special attention has to be paid to thermal and air barrier detailing in close coordination with the Mechanical Engineer.

Most of my career has been spent keeping water out of buildings but as Lstiburek of BSC says… “One of the most difficult buildings to build is a building with a swimming pool because–wait for it–there is a swimming pool inside.”

5223 Espana St Denver CO 80249-large-022-Pool-1500x994-72dpi

That’s right we’ve taken the one thing we’re trying to keep out and have put it inside, warmed it up and filled it with chemicals to keep it clean.

So what do you do in that situation?

Either you build everything out of materials that are impervious to moisture or you have to build a thermally perfect wall where all of the insulation is on the outside of the building so that even if moisture were to condense on the building it would do so outside of your waterproofing. In this case we didn’t have the budget for a concrete or CMU wall so we went with the later.

There are other little details like stainless steel screws and using integral coloring on the ceiling (rather than paint) that will also help with keeping your indoor pool looking good. However, it is important to understand that this is a highly corrosive environment and much like a house at the beach constant maintenance is just a part of owning an indoor pool.

As you can see from the pictures the project we are very pleased with the final product and we are confident that our attention to detail will help extend the life of this unique community center for our client.5223 Espana St Denver CO 80249-large-012-Clubhouse-1500x994-72dpi


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