This or That #4: Trellis vs. Pergola

Home and garden advertisements interchange these a lot…so what’s the real difference?

In this corner: a trellis is defined as “a frame or structure of latticework frequently used as a support for growing vines or plants”.

And in this corner: a pergola is defined as “an arbor of horizontal trelliswork supported on columns or posts over which vines or other plants are grown”.  Okay, so what’s an arbor?  An arbor is defined as a leafy, shady recess formed by tree branches, shrubs, etc.


So in this image we have an arbor (a space) which has been created by using a pergola (a three-dimensional structure) which itself includes several trellises (frames through which plants grow).


Bonus match:  Complex vs. Complicated

Complex is defined as “composed of many interconnected parts” while complicated is defined as “difficult to analyze, understand or explain”.  One of the primary differences is that complicated has a much more negative connotation than complex, so people might refer to the inner workings of a watch as complex but a tax form as complicated.  Antonyms help here as well, where the opposite of complex is simple but the opposite of complicated is easy.


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