Three Critical Changes to LEED

The latest version of LEED has some nice improvements such as:

Consistency – Now credits and prerequisites are consistent through all of the rating systems for LEED 2009

Credit Weightings – This major improvement addresses the concern that many had where adding a bike rack was just as important as a basic level of HVAC efficiency. Now more points are awarded for reductions in energy efficiency and CO2 reductions. Efficiency and emission reduction are arguably the two of the most important aspects of LEED. Both are essential as we work towards the lofty goal of making building carbon neutral.

Regionalization – Another problem with LEED was that the water rich east coast got as many points for reducing water usage as we do here in Colorado. While it is important to use water efficiently, it is even more so out here in the arid west. The great thing about this change is that the online system recognizes appropriate regional bonus credits based on project zip code – just in case one falls through the cracks.

In addition to these three main revisions, LEED 2009 uses a 100 point scale and building energy bills must now be submitted in order to study performance over time.


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