Top Ten Unique Homeowner Requested Rooms

As you might expect, as architects who design custom homes (among other things) we get a lot of interesting requests. Frequently they come from a client with the preface “I know this is a strange request”. But hey, you’re doing a custom home for a reason, get those spaces that you want. Here are ten of the more memorable:

10. Indoor/outdoor swimming pool

9. Garages with lifts and floors for car stacking

8. Special raised walkways for cats

7. Oversized rooms with walls that could be added later to create hidden rooms

6. Gun range in the basement

5. Slide from the main floor to basement

4. Panic rooms

3. Spaces designed for specific pieces of taxidermy

2. Large amounts of hidden prepper storage

1. Basketball court with an 18′ high ceiling in the basement. This one is still my favorite as you’d have no idea from the outside that this massive room is hidden in a sub-basement with the floor another 8′ below the basement level.



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