Unique Mountain House, A Young Engineer’s Dream

A modern mountain house is under construction in Evergreen, Colorado.  It has unique architectural features that offered new engineering challenges.  Working on this project was a dream come true because it gave me the chance to think outside the box and work with the licensed engineers in the office to create interesting solutions to achieve the architect’s vision.

Mountain House

That vision included large stone walls that segment the house, expansive window openings, and exposed steel.  All of these things are slowly coming to life at the construction site.

During my last visit to the site, the crew had just placed the large central roof beam.  The beam runs the length of the house and will be exposed at both ends and throughout the interior of the house.

Large Roof Beam

The cantilevered office space was also framed, and our cantilevered support system is very impressive in person!

Large Cantilever

The uniquely large window openings in the office will flood the space with natural light and offer unbeatable views of the mountains.

Office Windows

More progress pictures will be posted after my next site visit!


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