University of Denver Boettcher Center Auditorium Ceiling Renovation

The DU Boettcher Center Auditorium renovation project continues this week with some reminders about why it is important to remain flexible with your design solutions during construction…especially when completing a renovation.

Recently the decision was made to demolish the existing upper ceiling and replace it with new suspended acoustical tile.  The existing ceiling was plaster on a metal lath which we were surprised to find was installed before the interior wood veneer wall treatment was completed.  What this means is there is now an irregular jagged edge where the ceiling/wall intersection used to be which needs to be addressed or hidden somehow.

By working closely with our contractor we have identified which information in the construction documents is no longer valid, re-emphasized what the priorities are for the finished product, and established a clear action plan for the correct layout of the new ceiling which will have to be moved.

Just for fun, it looks like a gas line was laid to rest here.  I imagine it was a simple ceremony where few people spoke.


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