Use Overlay Districts in the New Denver Zoning Code

The New Denver Zoning Code has three Use Overlay Districts. Basically a “UO” is a way that they can either permit or prohibit  specific land uses that are otherwise included or excluded from primary zone districts. They were included in the code to carry over use overlays from the previous zoning code and no additional use overlays can be created. The details can be found in Section 9.4.4 of the zoning code.

UO-1 is the Adult Use Overlay District. Within these districts adult uses are allowed with distance, spacing and parking requirements met.

UO-2 is the Billboard Use Overlay District. This zone allows for billboards that comply with the sign standards for outdoor general advertising devices.

UO-3 is the Historic Structure Use Overlay District. It only applies in conjunction with the residential zone districts. It allows office, art studio and bed and breakfast uses. The office and art studio uses are only allowed for owner-occupants with structures over 5,000 sf, designated for preservation and meeting several other requirements.

Properties can be rezoned to be part of the UO-3 district but not to the UO-1 or UO-2.


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