Using Architecture For a Bigger, Counter-depth Refrigerator


Counter-depth refrigerators are popular for a polished, upscale look in kitchens.  However –  they are also considerably more expensive the traditional, full-depth refrigerators, and offer less storage room for the counter space taken up.

Depending on your floor plan, manipulating the walls behind the fridge can allow you the roomy benefits of a full-sized fridge along with the flush-face appearance and walkway space – standard refrigerators can stick out from the face of cabinets up to 6″.

So if you have 6″ behind your cupboard wall that you can sacrifice – enjoy your larger, cheaper fridge!

Note that very high-end products, such as sub-zero refrigerators, are always counter-depth, so this tip wouldn’t apply to that situation.

(Fridge is also the name of one of my favorite (mellow, ambient) bands)


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