Water and Sewer Tap Fees – Construction Soft Costs

Two major expenses on projects are the water and sewer tap fees.   Depending on the type and size of the project these fees can range from expensive…. to VERY expensive.  Typically, most single family residential homes require a 3/4″ water service.  Commercial projects typically require at least a 1″ water service and, depending on the type of commercial use, the water service can be much larger in many cases.  It is important to have an engineer assist in determining the required size of the water service.  On one hand you want to make sure that your new project/home/building has adequate water pressure and flow, yet, you also do not want pay thousands of extra dollars for a larger water service then necessary.

To determine water service sizes we first look at what the existing pressures (static and residual) are in the area where the tap will be made.  This data is typically obtained from the local water jurisdiction and is measured from the nearest fire hydrant.  Next, a peak demand flow is determined based on number of fixtures or based on square footage of the building/home (refer to local water jurisdiction regulations as a starting point).  Pressure loss in the water service line is calculated based on the size of the line, pipe material, and length of line.   This information is utilized to determine what size water service is necessary for the project.   Sewer tap fees are usually based on the size of the water tap and are typically less expensive.

Below are the current City of Golden Tap Fees to give you an idea of costs:


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