Welcome to EVstudio- New Team Members Arrive!

EVstudio is once again proud to have the honor of hiring new professionals to join our family. As we dive deeper into sectors such as shoring, and win new work in diverse industries, we get the opportunity to engage the best and the brightest to work at EVstudio.

Thomas Stuart joins EVstudio as a Senior Architect licensed in Colorado, New York, and North Carolina with 20-years in architectural design. Thomas brings exquisite attention to detail, an impeccable eye for design and a passion for standards. We are excited to add Thomas’ education, retail, healthcare and municipal project experience to our collective and look forward to adding him as an invaluable member to our public proposals as well as our private sector work. When asked what his favorite food was Thomas was not able to decide as he is an equal opportunity foodie. However, when pressed he chose to go with pizza. Welcome, Thomas. We love you already!


Mark Hamilton is a man every design firm wishes they had on their team. As a licensed Professional Engineer in Colorado and Arizona Mark brings to the table a level of expertise not often seen. As a trained geotechnical engineer, Mark is a critical member of our shoring team. His depth of knowledge regarding transportation projects including; pavement design, drilled shaft foundations for highway bridges, strip foundations for retaining and sound walls, enriches the services EVstudio has to offer our clients. When not designing foundations Mark’s head is in the clouds thanks to his love of drones. Mark’s love of milk pairs nicely with several other EVer’s love of cookies. Once again showing the depths of our collaboration. Welcome, Mark!


Qianyu Fan hails from China by way of Florida. This exemplary example of the next young wave of designers makes us excited about the talent we see out there. Qianyu’s work ethic is irreproachable, her commitment to her team unrelenting and her love of spicy Chinese food astonishing. Qianyu joins our commercial structural team and has proven herself to be a powerhouse.  While she loves to crunch load calculations for steel and concrete structures by day, at night, she loves to sing karaoke. Qianyu further emphasizes our need for an EV talent show. Welcome, Qianyu!



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