Welcome to EVstudio- New Team Members Arrive!

EVstudio is honored once again with new team members for several of our in-house disciplines. These highly qualified professionals have chosen EVstudio as the place to bring their skill, expertise and design passion.

Nate Danforth is an Architectural Project Designer who is determined to take his career to the next level and has chosen EVstudio as the firm that can help him get there. With a passion for sustainability and an eagerness to work with all design types, Nate is a fabulous addition to the EVstudio architecture department. Nate loves fine detail and designing unique structures in unique situations. With a goal to become fully licensed in Colorado in 2019 while also becoming a Revit master, it is pretty clear there is nothing Nate won’t be able to accomplish. Do not think that Nate is a workaholic though… oh no! He loves the Colorado lifestyle, his dog Rusty, Thai food and the Browns (we try not to hold it again him).  Welcome, Nate!

Bill Dekam left Michigan in 2014 to embrace all that Colorado has to offer, and we are so glad he did. Bill is a licensed PE and joining our MEP Engineering group as a Mechanical and Electrical Engineer. Bill has some pretty impressive experience in multiple sectors such as multi-family, industrial, large laboratories, commercial to name a few. Bill is looking forward to working on a diverse range of MEP projects at EVstudio while continuing to enjoy the Colorado lifestyle with his soon-to-be bride and two dogs Hank and Elli

Tracy Stinson is an inspiration to anyone who feels the need to follow their dreams. She comes to EVstudio from a different industry, though her skills at managing projects, juggling multiple tasks at once, immaculate paperwork processing and team player attitude are of value anywhere. Tracy joins our Field Services team as a Field Inspector and working with our residential structural team to ensure that what is laid out in the plans is properly constructed in the field. Her tenacity and grit mean that our clients will be able to rest knowing that the homes they carefully craft will be built to their specifications. Welcome, Tracy!

Dylan Chuey is a licensed Structural Engineer who has worked on some pretty impressive projects. From 100,000 data center with an office bar to designing with a wide range of building materials in high seismic areas, Dylan has seen it all. In the past four years, Dylan has been involved with building types using steel, concrete, wood and masonry construction. Being diverse in his building types has meant that he has worked on a commercial car dealership, public county jails and conducted on-site investigations for over 200 existing bank structures. Even though Dylan comes to EVstudio from California he loves the Colorado lifestyle, is a tennis enthusiast and is always up for breakfast. Welcome, Dylan!


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