What and Where are Energy Recovery Ventilators Useful?

The highly efficient system such as an Energy Recovery Ventilator is as straightforward and helpful as the name implies and its capabilities can be overlooked. Understanding what they do, why they should be used, and where they can be used is a helpful basis of knowledge to have when implementing one into a design.

  • What do they do?
    An Energy Recovery Ventilator does exactly what the name suggests; while venting return air out from inside the building it recovers energy that would be wasted and transfers it to the incoming air from outside the building. A typical ventilator or exhaust fan would take the unwanted inside air and eject it outside, that conditioned air is then lost and requires fresh air to be conditioned to replace it. The ERV on the other hand transfers that lost temperature and humidity from the outgoing ‘dirty’ air to the incoming fresh air. In the winter, the incoming cold and dry outside air can then be heated and humidified using the warm return air from the building all while still removing the unwanted air particles.
Energy Recovery Ventilator
Image from http://cchrc.org/energy-recovery-ventilators-in-cold-climates/
  • Why could they be used?
    ERV’s remove unwanted particles such as allergens, pet dander, dust, viruses, odors, and the list goes on, but those are obvious benefits for promoting healthy air quality. Not only does this benefit the air quality, but it does so while maintaining high efficiencies due to its transferring temperatures and humidity from the outgoing air to the incoming air. Energy efficiency is becoming a paramount part of the design as we move toward the futures of energy savings and carbon emission reduction and luckily ERV’s are a practical way to achieve a step in the right direction for both objectives.
  • Where can they be used?
    ERV’s can be used anywhere air is being ventilated! Air ventilation is required by the IMC throughout many design spaces whether it is to be used for bathrooms, kitchens, lab rooms, you name it, being able to increase efficiency for the recovery of those areas can be a cost-saving feature down the line. Any building from a school to a house can use an ERV to improve its indoor air quality and energy efficiency.

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