What is your architectural style?

When I speak with potential clients, this is one of the first questions that I’m often asked. They want to know what style and design tastes I’ll bring to their project. The simple answer is that I will design the style based on the preferences of the client. At EVstudio are not looking to impose an architectural style on our clients.

Now, that’s not to say that as individuals we don’t have any preferred styles. Obviously each designer and architect in the firm has styles that they would prefer if they were designing the project for themselves. Who wouldn’t? But our job as services professionals is to bring the clients desires into our solution. We will design what we believe is the most appropriate design but the client has the ultimate say.

Now what sets us apart is that we are still bringing our design abilities into every project no matter the style or the size. Good design transcends taste. Any building can have good balance, energy efficiency, appropriate materials and a well designed plan. If you peruse the website and the blog you’ll see a variety of styles and building types on display. Each one blends the clients program and style into an great solution.


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