When Do You Absolutely Have to Hire an Architect in Colorado?

At EVstudio we are licensed architects and we firmly believe that you should have a licensed architect design your project regardless of building type or project size. By hiring a licensed architect you’re getting access to the required education, work experience and testing that an architect must complete. You’ll know that the architect has the necessary background. You are also getting a professional who answers to the licensing board and should carry all of the appropriate insurances to protect you and your project. When you hire a licensed architect (especially from EVstudio) you’re covered.

Now, in addition to the beneficial reasons to hire an architect there are also statuatory requirements. The only places where the State of Colorado does not require an architect is for buildings with no more than 4 dwelling units and storage, farm buildings, garages, warehouses and offices not more than one story in height or with no more than 10 occupants. In addition you generally are required to have an architect for structural changes to buildings and work that involves life safety codes. On top of that, most urban and suburban areas require that you have an architect or engineer stamp structural drawings, even on the building types that are exempt.

Most building projects require architects and you’ll benefit more by having them through the entire process.


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