WiFi SD Cards: EyeFi and Toshiba Flash Air just made this Architects week

Maybe it is just me… but in a wireless world I’ve started to expect that when I take a photo (whether it be my latest Architectural masterpiece or a pumpkin that happens to look like Ghandi)… I should be able to immediately share it with all 500 of my closest friends and (newly created) enemies.

But until now, if I wanted to take a really high quality photo…it would have to wait until I went back to my computer, pulled the card out, transferred the photos, turned on my browser of choice and then opened up my social network of choice…. yes…I know it sounds like a real inconvenience.  Of course it isn’t…but nevertheless, photos tended to linger in my really nice DSLR.

Enter, EyeFi and Toshiba Flash Air.  WiFi enabled SD cards that will allow me to hook up to my computer through my network or directly to my smartphone with none of the aforementioned toil.  They even delete photos that have been transferred automatically when I start to run out of space!

I’m not really in the business of reviewing tech products much less pitching them.  But this particular little toy has made this Architects week and I hope it will make yours as well!

WiFi SD Cards: How does the Eye-Fi Card Work? | Eye-Fi.



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