Clear Creek South Pawn Shop – Construction Phases

by Jim Houlette on February 7, 2012

EVstudio recently provided complete design services including Architecture, Civil and Structural Engineering a new pawn shop in Killeen, TX.  The builder is Best Construction.

The foundation type is a ribbed slab-on-grade foundation supporting a steel structure.   This was one of the cleanest jobs I’ve seen.  The builder went the extra mile to clean off the pad, vapor retarder and everything else prior to placing concrete.  Well done!

Here are a few pictures of the phases of construction.

Pad ready for start of foundation

Ribbed Slab-on-Grade Foundation

Poured Slab-on-grade foundation

Steel Frame

Steel Bar Joists

Steel stud curtain wall

Near completion


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Bob Hoebeke August 26, 2012 at 4:32 am

Gentlemen- I’m just finishing up a book on the construction process for homes and remodels and am looking for a good picture of a slab on grade. The one pictured above from a jobsite in Killeen (?) is almost textbook, and I was hoping you wouldn’t mind sharing it with me so I could use it in my book opposite a picture I have for pier and beam, and post-tension. Would it be possible to crop, cut and use this photo? Would appreciate your help.

Thanks, Bob Hoebeke

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