Historic Preservation is the Conservation of our Cultural Heritage

by evstudio July 27, 2018

The practice of Historic Preservation is the conservation of our cultural heritage. Historic buildings, even when they’ve fallen to misuse and disrepair, are often important landmarks in the landscapes of our communities. In addition, many historic buildings are important chronicles of the activities and ways […]

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Working with HistoriCorps Again!

by EVstudio AEP June 28, 2011

EVstudio is very excited to be continuing work with the fantastic historic preservation collaborative HistoriCorps this year. HistoriCorps is now entering it’s 3rd summer of volunteer driven historic preservation projects and is in the process of expanding to a national model. This public-private partnership is […]

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Historic Structure Assessments in Preservation Planning

by EVstudio AEP March 4, 2011

A Historic Structure Assessment is one of the most common first steps in a historic preservation project. The process involves the documentation of the construction history and current physical condition of the historic property. The assessment is usually undertaken after the building or property has […]

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2011 Saving Places Conference for Historic Preservation in Colorado

by EVstudio AEP February 2, 2011

The 2011 Saving Places Conference hosted by Colorado Preservation Inc. will take place at the end of this week, February 2 – 5th at the Embassy Suites – Denver Convention Center. The annual conference is the largest historic preservation conference in the nation and is […]

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Saving Places Conference: Historic Preservation & Sustainability

by EVstudio AEP February 12, 2010

Elicia Ratajczyk, LEED-AP, from EVstudio Evergreen attended the Saving Places Conference in Denver last week. The annual historic preservation focused conference is hosted every year by Colorado Preservation Inc. The theme of this years conference was Historic Preservation and Sustainability. The conference was well attended […]

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Evergreen's Alliance for Sustainability – Jon Turk Presentation

by EVstudio AEP February 10, 2010

Elicia Ratajczyk of the EV Studio Evergreen Office is pleased to extend the following invitation on behalf of Evergreen’s Alliance for Sustainability and Ever Green Drinks: Please join Evergreen’s Alliance for Sustainability and EverGreenDrinks for a FREE & fun filled evening with author Jon Turk […]

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