A Big Advantage to the Multidisciplinary AE Firm

I’m on the board for the American Institute of Architect’s Denver Chapter and at our board meeting this evening we discussed a licensure law conflict. It appears that a few municipalities in Colorado were misinterpreting the statutes and telling architects that they are required to have a landscape architect license in order to do site plans. This is not correct but could take significant time to a permit process while you work to explain the statutes.

Of course, I’m the only architect on the board that works for an AE firm so it doesn’t really affect EVstudio. At EVstudio we have licensed architects, surveyors, engineers and landscape architects. When we deal with a municipality who feels that they require a review by another discipline we can knock it out without having to go outside to hire a consultant or having to fight the municipality. It actually happens on a regular basis and by being multidisciplinary its easier for us and for our clients.


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