A Culture of Opportunity at EVstudio

One of the most encouraging and motivating aspects about working at EVstudio is the culture of opportunity.  A recent nationwide leadership study of nearly 500 senior leaders, managers, supervisors and key employees sought to answer the question, “What is the one most important thing that you are missing in your development as a leader?” The result by a significant margin was that the primary limitation was opportunity and the second limitation was a lack of mentoring.

At EVstudio we are looking forward with our 5 year growth plan and grooming our team members to be the organizational leaders in the next 5 – 10 years. This is being accomplished with the emphasis on in-house mentoring along with professional development and career planning. We help employees look 2-3 years into their future to cooperatively work toward helping them achieve their goals and integrate that into the success plan for the organization.

I have been at several organizations where the growth and development opportunities that existed for the organization were significant but ultimately the organizational structure or the limitations set by the leadership got in the way of the growth of the organization. This is where EVstudio is different from an employee’s perspective. EVstudio has a unique blend of visionary leadership that is willing to encourage and support the professional grow of individuals because it is seen as a way that both the individual and organization can grow to the next level.

Consider becoming part of the EVstudio culture of opportunity!

“The Growth and Development of People is the Highest Calling of Leadership.” – Harvey S. Firestone


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