A Sketch in Time

This post is as much a Thank you as anything. I was extremely fortunate to attend a School of Architecture where they taught us the importance of observing and absorbing Architecture through the process of sketching. I learned how to quickly create and record an idea from some amazing teachers during that time.

I was again fortunate to be able to travel to Europe through a work exchange program between the US and the UK. I learned a great deal about how cities are put together and the daunting experience that is stepping into a new city with no GPS phone and trying to figure out just where north is so you can find your hotel.

These sketches are some of my favorite pieces from that time. They range from the cold cliffs of Cromer on the north side of England to the streets of Florence, Italy.

While much of the important work we do as Architects is about the technical aspects of building technology there is also an art to bringing all those elements together. The visual thinking that goes into sketching the completed work of another Architect has always been a great tool for me to remind myself of that compositional whole that is Architecture.


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