American Water Building Under Construction in Texas

Our latest project in Texas is under construction and they will be pouring the foundation slab soon. Contract Administration is one of the many services which we offer. By having us available during the construction phase of your project we can help ensure that design intent is met as well as maintaining the intended level of quality of the project. One of our roles it to protect the owner’s interests during the construction phase.

Because EVstudio is a full service A/E firm we can process submittals very quickly. Since our design team is integrated we can don’t have to forward materials to other locations. Additionally most of the submittals are done electronically to further increase efficiency.

Main elevation with limestone base, stucco and standing seam roof.

Part of the construction process is the review of shop drawings and product submittals. Shop drawings show the final construction dimensions and methods for thing such as structural columns, beams and other components. This is basically everything the guys in the shop will need to know to assemble the component. Product submittals cover the products such as plumbing materials, light fixtures, vapor barriers etc. It is essentially a final check that the correct products are getting incorporated into the final construction.

Preparing for the Slab Pour


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