EVstudio has an experienced team for multifamily projects. We have designed new construction and remodels, both market rate and affordable. With each project, we work towards several objectives:


  • The correct mixture of unit types and floorplans. We work with the owner to determine what unit combinations make the most sense for their project pro forma and their site.
  • Units that allow expression and differentiation. This can be as simple as providing flexibility of furniture layout to a greater mixture of unit types to providing outdoor spaces. In both leasing and selling units, it is an advantage that can close the sale.
  • Efficiency of circulation. In any multifamily projects, there will be some amount of circulation that needs to be paid for and maintained. This includes driveways, sidewalks, stairs, elevators and corridors. EVstudio pays attention to this in our design, keeping your building efficient.
  • The right choice of systems. There are many options for structural, mechanical and electrical systems and careful decisions contribute to the project’s success.
  • Sustainable design options. Sustainability is a marketing advantage and EVstudio is prepared to show you the choices that you can get for free and help you weigh alternatives where there is cost.

Condo Corner

Another item that we strive for in multifamily design is building design that does not read as a simple repetition of units but rather as a refined composition. Good design raises value.

EVstudio also regularly is involved with initial planning and site feasibility. With in-house planners, civil engineers and even surveyors, we are able to assess site efficiencies early, in order to facilitate the site selection process.