Why Modular?

“Modular” is an offsite construction system most effective when done on a repetition level. For example, when we can build numerous similar modules in a factory-controlled process, we can create a high standard of quality and repetition that erects on a job site at mind-blowing speeds. Having tight controls not subjected to the instability of weather through utilizing shop floor production within a controlled environment means no more delays or damaged products due to natural weather conditions. As well, when scheduled right, an entire building can be put together within days in lieu of months, complete with finishes and fixtures ready for occupancy. Working with some manufacturers not subjected to areas of higher wage rates also lends the system to significant cost savings, which is helpful in busy times or over-inflated, high-cost markets.

"An experienced Modular Design Team helps Bridge the Gap between the traditional design process and the factory manufacturing needs."

– Troy Tiddens | Modular Specialist & Project Manager

Modular Project Examples

Practical, Efficient, Repeatable

Modular construction is the wave of the future! If you have a product that can lend itself to any sort of regularity and repeat in layout, modular construction should certainly come to the forefront as a potential method of construction for your project. Whether that is multifamily, hospitality, or man camps, modular lends itself to be a cost-effective and higher quality product than that of site-built construction.

Not many architecture firms can say they have delved into the modular world. Not only have we been doing modular for nearly a decade, but we have also have had an emphasis and focus upon it over the past several years. With clients like Marriott promoting the modular industry, we do see this as a serious part of the marketplace that will continue growing. Our staff has not only produced For-Permit/Construction drawings, but we have also worked hand in hand utilizing our 3D software (Revit and StrucSoft) in partnership with modular manufacturers to share and generate shop drawing level production. This means we know the ins and outs of the industry at a hammer and nail level of detail, knowing that when we design your modular project it will be realistic and appropriate for modular construction.

Smooth and Easy Point of Contact

Our team isn’t comprised of just architects and engineers. We are experts working through the technical aspects of planning, simplifying the process with invaluable coordination of on-site feasibility, density, master and community planning, entitlements, and a myriad of other planning services. Our combined proficiencies mitigates any lengthy, superfluous efforts in the planning process.

The benefits of modular . . .

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Opening the Playbook on Modular Design

Need example reference documents for your modular project? Below are three pdfs outlined by our Modular Studio to provide example deliverables for before you get started with us!