Building Season in Colorado, What About Winter?

We frequently have projects and clients who are concerned with the idea of building during a Colorado winter. Snow, ice, cold temperatures and frozen ground can all make building more difficult. With that being said, in the Front Range cities, like the Denver metro, we can generally build year round without many weather delays. As you get into the mountains the delays become more frequent and if you have the luxury of picking your time for building it certainly makes sense to work around the winter.

There are techniques for doing work with frozen ground and cold temperatures, you can tent, you can change your concrete mixtures, you can use blankets to thaw frozen ground, but they do have cost premiums. At the same time, the price of waiting for the spring can also add cost to a project.

Of course the other thing that we all know about the weather in Colorado is that its always changing and hard to predict. You can have a December where the snow doesn’t melt, or a March with no snow or a May where it rains almost every day. In any schedule you should plan for weather delays but you shouldn’t let the winter be the deciding factor in when you build in Colorado.


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