Denver Off-Street Angle Parking Requirements


Denver Zoning requires that off-street parking angles other than 90-degree, be between 30 and 75 degrees with the stall sizes remaining the Universal standard size of  8’-6” x 17’-6”.

For all off-street angle parking, the minimum aisle width for two-way traffic needs to be 20’.  If the aisle happens to be a public alley or access to adjoining parking spaces, the projection must be lengthened to provide a total aisle width of 20’ for 0 to 75-degree angle parking, and 23’ for 90-degree angle parking.  This applies to all new uses except for single unit dwellings and duplexes.

Parking Angle Stall Length Stall Width Projection Aisle Module Interlock Reduction Overhang Allowance
(A) (B) (C) (D) (E) (F) (G)
22′ 8.5′ 8.5′ 10.0′ 27.0′
30° 17.5′ 8.5′ 15.0′ 11.0′ 41.0′ 2.0′ 1.5′
45° 17.5′ 8.5′ 17.0′ 13.0′ 47.0′ 2.0′ 2.0′
60° 17.5′ 8.5′ 18.0′ 16.0′ 52.0′ 1.5′ 2.0′
75° 17.5′ 8.5′ 18.5′ 18.0′ 55.0′ 1.0′ 2.5′
90° 17.5′ 8.5′ 17.5′ 23.0′ 58.0′ 2.5′


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2 thoughts on “Denver Off-Street Angle Parking Requirements”

  1. Pedro, I’m not positive that I understand your question, but I can attempt an answer. The main item dictating where a line of parking can begin and end is where you have sufficient space left for an entire space. Its really a geometry problem rather than a straight answer.

    To solve it, let’s take the easy example of 90 degree parking. If your spaces are 8.5 feet wide and you have a 90 foot long aisle, only 85′ can be parking, so 10 spaces. Then, you have two options for the remaining space. Either increasing the width of the spaces or adding one or more islands in the lot. The solution on angles is the same, I tend to figure it out graphically by setting up representative spaces and seeing what the effective width of the space is along the drive lane. The trick is that your end spaces only occur on one side, again something that we tend to solve graphically.

    The remaining question is how you go about selecting your angle. Typically, that is dictated by the width of the parking lot and how many drive lanes you are trying to fit.

  2. Where can I found the position of an angle parking related to the entrance or the exit. Also the safety position of the car on it.

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