Denver Post has Several Articles on New Urbanism


The Perspective Section of the Denver Post had several articles on New Urbanism in preparation for CNU 17.

Susan Barnes-Gelt writes the introduction. She was a city council woman in Denver and we’ve served on some AIA committees together.

June Williamson writes about retrofitting suburbia. June currently teaches at CUNY and I know her from the time we were both at Georgia Tech.

Norman Garrick, from UConn, writes about Stapleton, LoDo and Belmar.

Peter Calthorpe who is one of the original new urbanists, writes an article titled “The Stapleton paradigm admirable“. I have to imagine that he didn’t come up with the title, given that he’s the planner behind the design.

Well worth a read.


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2 thoughts on “Denver Post has Several Articles on New Urbanism”

  1. Dave, I think the big question with Denver and New Urbanism is what time frame we’re talking about. If you are looking at the 1930-2000 time frame as Blueprint America did, there is little question that Denver grew through sprawl. However, it the last 10 years the city has changed drastically with redevelopment and denser development patterns.

  2. As I noted on my blog (, I think it’s interesting that not only are they doing this two weeks before CNU 17, but also less than a week after PBS’ documentary Blueprint America was broadcast, which characterized Denver as sprawl central.

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