Designing Your House – Part 8

The next piece that we talk about is the exterior design of your house and the form and massing of the design. The discussion of style is quite a long one, so at some point I’ll write a more thorough style post. For now let’s talk about what I need from you. Please keep in mind that we can help with all of these decisions, so don’t get overwhelmed.

First off, what style do you like? What is it about that style that you do like and what don’t you like? If you aren’t clear on a style, bring or email some images of houses that you like and anything that you’d like to avoid. If you’re more concerned with fitting into a neighborhood, bring in some images of the existing neighbors.

Besides the style, what sort of exterior materials would you like to have? Is brick or stone more appropriate? Would you like real stone or fake stone, round stone or stacked ledgestone, patterned brick or common bond? Would you prefer siding or stucco? What is the siding made of and what is the pattern? Have you considered a metal siding product or maybe a glass wall if that’s appropriate?

Is the house going to be made out of a material like log where the skin is also the structure? Round log or square log?

Would you like to look at an innovative building strategy that might dictate the style, like a shipping container house, a hay bale house or a tire house? Have you spent time watching “Extreme Homes” and have something else in mind. 🙂

How much window do you want? Are you looking for views or light or a combination? Do you prefer casement, slider, single hung, double hung or fixed styles?

There are quite a few choices in roofing. Are you looking for simple asphalt shingles, or something else like tile, metal, slate or even copper? If you’re considering a flat roof there are a number of options especially if you plan to have a walkable roof.

Next up, we’ll discuss your home’s structural choices.

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