Development Basics: Design Matters

Rarely do you have an opportunity to see how good Design has a direct impact on the bottom line. EVstudio designed the multifamily project on the left and it sold out in record time. Both of these projects were permitted within weeks of each other and completed around the same time.

Design Matters

Enough said.


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2 thoughts on “Development Basics: Design Matters”

  1. I agree with you 100% Jerry! Only by doing successful projects with clients will these barriers be broken down. Unfortunately, a great majority of people never actually work with an architect in their lifetime, and that’s how these myths formulate – because they don’t have first hand experience. Thanks for your comment!

  2. Jerry A. Isaksen

    I appreciate your simplified, straight-to-the-point approach on the above article. It goes right back to a post you wrote in October of last year titled “Top 10 Myths About Architects” item #2- “All architects are the same and will do the same job”.
    I have personally run into most of the “myths” you listed and for each one, the client (after the fact) has stated what a “great experience” and were surprised that we have “families and hobbies” just like them.
    I think many of the myths are not only born of Hollywood magic, but (by necessity) a lack of truthful marketing on the part of the architect. Part of our job is to not only sell ourselves, but to sell our designs as “THE design”. A healthy competition pool keeps us at our peak, but could mislead our client base and perceive us through the myths as stated. It’s a fine line. I believe the development and follow through on a successful project not only debunks the myths, but keeps them coming back.
    Let me know your thoughts.

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