Distillery Interiors to Create Atmosphere (and Profits)

Alexa Cowley, our Interior Designer here at EVstudio, was involved in an award winning Whiskey Distillery in Denver, just off Broadway on Acoma Street. Here are some of her notes about the project:

Whiskey Distillery 3

The client wanted a tasting room style, smaller bar area with a casual mountain organic feel that felt right in an urban setting and that showed off the beautiful copper vats that they brought over from Germany.

We used repurposed/recycled materials on many of our surfaces to add great warmth and texture.  The main bar top and wall bar top were both made from recycled box car floors.  The diamond wood pattern on the lower bar walls and the mirrors was made from reclaimed semi trailer floors and the wood for the upper walls (diagonal/chevron grey wood) was Wyoming snow fencing that is structurally very sound compared to the barn woods we usually see.

Whiskey Distillery 2

There are also 2 sliding barn doors on either side of the main bar wall that were designed to close off the smaller private tasting room during events.

The floors were in a porcelain metallic copper colored tile 12×24 and the vertical bar shelves were made from 2″ square tube steel that we left in it’s natural raw form.

The back bar top and front serving bar areas were stainless steel for easy cleaning, and the backsplash was a sparkly mirrored 24×36″ tile from Spain that we added for a bit of unexpected ‘glam’ in an otherwise organic heavier feeling bar area.

Whiskey Distillery 4

With such tall ceilings (22′ h) we dropped a ‘false’ metal mesh ceiling over the bar area that was made from cattle fencing, that we spray painted in a matte black.  This allowed us to hang our lighting from the metal grid down lower to light our bar tops etc.

The lights we used were explosion proof/safety warehouse lights… well priced and a cool look.


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