DIY Radon Mitigation, REALLY?

In a society overrun by DIY answers to everything from architectural plans to home medical remedies, have we forgotten the importance of quality and professional standards? I am often encouraged by the can-do efforts so many put forth in their activities. However, there may exist a line between what we can do, and what we just shouldn’t do.

Radon mitigation is just one such area. This comes to mind as it is a consideration for homeowners here in Colorado. Being a first time home-buyer I did some research on radon as I am new to the area and hadn’t encountered it before.

I found it was exceedingly easy to find websites boasting quick and easy DIY instructions for mitigation, complete with so called help guides for a full abatement system to correct all of your radon issues.

One such example ( gives a remedy in six “easy“ to follow steps, complete with pictures, and claims to save homeowners hundreds of dollars.

DIY Radon Completion Image

While I can appreciate the value of a ‘penny saved is a penny earned’, is something as potentially harmful as Radon (considered to be a significant cause of lung cancer) something we really want to be finding a “quick fix” for. Professionals have guidelines, continued training, and licensing qualifications that make them more adequate and appropriate than rolling up your sleeves on a Saturday to protect your family.

During my recent relocation, and home search, I was surprised to see how many homes had undergone DIY solutions. These thrifty solutions could be seen in everything from remodeling, to small room additions. All of which appeared to be in need of being demolished and completely redone.

The safety standards professionals’ training is based around have been put into place to help protect us. Are we DIY-ing ourselves out of not only potential property value, but safety? I encourage you, the next time you are faced with the option of saving a couple bucks, consider the long term value affects.


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